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Sex toys are great on your own and in regular sex, but when you add the element of power play to your powered toy, they become something else entirely. In this game, the dominant partner retains control of a remote control-powered toy. There are a few options from Lelo and also vibrating panties with remotes that will do the trick. More about vibrators here, and check out our sex toy articles.

Playing with remote toys

The two of you head to a public place such as a restaurant or movie theatre with your secret kept hidden. If your partner has control of the remote, he gets to turn it — and you — on whenever he pleases. He controls the mode and strength. As the game starts out, it’s your duty not to show any sign that you’re being stimulated, and you’ll have to keep up the poker face and straight posture as he increases intensity and you grow closer to orgasm like lady kinky cat. Of course, you can’t orgasm whenever you’d like; that’s his prerogative, too. This is a great way to incorporate edging into your sex life!

Polling Punishment

A great way to make an impact — pun intended! — When meting out discipline is to make your submissive count the blows. Whether you’re spanking, caning, flogging or something else, make him keep count. This is beneficial to anyone who really dislikes impact play because they’ll know there are a set number of blows, say 15 or 20, coming. If your partner loses composure and stops counting, especially if it’s because they’re enjoying it too much, you have to start over. Eventually, you’ll get to the end, and your partner’s backside will glow a lovely shade of red! Many sex toy materials, including stainless steel, ceramic and glass, respond well to temperature. Running a toy made of any of these materials under frigid water will transfer the cold to them and the opposite works as well.

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